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Screen printing – Textile

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Article number: ST6401
Serigraphy or screen printing is the most classic way of printing, and is perfect for impression of textile from around 50 pieces to very large quantities. During the first step a cliché of the design is made. Clichés are sheets from which your design is cut. One cliché is needed per colour. The clichés will then go on top of a screen, made from a piece of mesh, that is stretched over a frame. Via a process with a fluid sensitive to light and a heavy light we will become a frame or screen that will let through the ink only on certain parts.
In the last phase the ink will be squeezed over the screen and the underlying piece of textile. The surface that isn't covered by the screen, where it was washed away, will be covered with the ink. This is repeated for each colour, until the full design is printed.
Screen printing is a very popular form of printing thanks to its simplicity, but it also has limitations. First of all it is only possible to print on flat surfaces, therefore it is not ideal for some pieces of textile like jackets. You will also need 1 cliché and 1 print per colour, therefore it gets expensive when the numbers or colours are high.
The price for screen printing mainly depends on the number of items to be printed as well as the number of colours. Designs have a standard printing surface of 30 x 40 cm. For larger designs there are different options. Contact us and we'll make a tailor-made offer.

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