Personalised printed and embroidered textile

Personalised clothing can be used for an endless list of occasions: for your fanshop, for an event, for advertising purposes, for sports and youth camps, for fashion shops, ...
We print or embroider pretty much every piece of textile: t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweaters, shirts, trousers, bodywarmers, jackets, game shirts, tracksuits, underwear, aprons and many more. Several printing techniques are available like screen, flex or transfer printing. Usually we will choose the best technique for you, based on the type of textile or the number of pieces you have chosen. However if you have a specific preference you can let us know. We can also print numbers and names on sports outfits and game shirts.
Are you looking for something more exclusive? We can help you design fully bespoke garments from 150 pieces, divided over several sizes. With custom textile we can add details that will add a personal touch to your textile. Think of a colour tape in the neck, printed logo in de collar, or a personalised packaging with label. Your apparel will look extremely professional, and will have the same quality as the big fashion brands.
For fully customised textile we are talking about production in Asia. This means longer lead times than local European production. However the minimum of 150 pieces is extremely low for production in the Far East.
If you are looking for the development of retro shirts you are also at the right address. Sports clubs with a long tradition have fans longing for the good old days. Retro shirts are the perfect way to bring back these good times. Vintage always does it!